How Healthy Is Your Brand? 
10 Questions to find out
Let's Measure!
What's the name of your brand?
(We'll be using this later)

Let's talk about how to find {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}}.

No matter the platform, you can locate information about {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} *

This includes social media, the web, trade shows, etc.
I'm often asked to spell {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} *

Don't forget the domain name!
How is {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} different?

Don't fret, this is a tough question.
Potential customers choose competitors based on price. *

Not always a bad thing.
You definitely know the {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} when you see it. *

Does the brand own a color, a type of icon, or a style of photography?
What does {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} stand for?

It's easy to understand the mission of the organization. *

{{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}}'s core values are easy to find through our marketing assets. *

Are they written or implied on the website? In Print Materials?
What does {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} stand for?

Would {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} give up a paying customer that truly wasn't a great fit? *

Be honest.
Employees and customers become {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} advocates/ambassadors. *

Are your employees telling the world what a great place to work you have? Do your customers refer others?
Is our experience of {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} the same today as it will be tomorrow?

{{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}}'s social media profiles align with each other, and the brand's website. *

Our external messaging is the same from the C Suite to the Front Line. *

{{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} is sickly. Get help now.

We think you should reach out to us ASAP
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You're in the danger zone. There are some things to work on with {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}}.

DBC can help!
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A clean bill of health right now, but there are things to watch.

Let's chat about how we can guard against {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} slipping down (or your competition catching up).
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Impressive! {{answer_a0473u7ySb3v}} is whole!

To keep it that way monitor often! 

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